Sheri & Tara's Wedding, October 2003

Lisa's 37th Birthday, May 2003

Dressed to the Hilt, January 2003

Tara's 30th Birthday, December 2002

3rd Annual Halloween Party, October 2002

1st Annual Halloween Party, October 2000 (somehow, we don't have any pictures of the 2001 party)

Christmas 2002

Atlanta Pride 2002 (pre-digital camera, so not a lot of pictures from that year)






Photos Sister doesn't get to travel to exotic places very often. Luckily, she lives in an area with lots of cool places close by. Check out the pics!

Friends Sister loves to have parties and harass her friends by taking photos, so here's a special page just for them.

Food! Did you know that food can be good for you and delicious? At the same time? It's true! Take a look at some great fat-free recipes and menu ideas.

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Sklif Sister can waste lots of time here. Fun site with attitude!

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