Halloween is always one of the highlights of my year. I have a big party each year, and try to add to the decorations. This is the most recent result.

The front porch got some new decorations this year--the scary greeter, and the ghost in the window. The ghost was lit with blacklight and glowed beautifully..



Here's another ghost like the one above, in another front window. I hung black plastic behind it so that the only light would be from the blacklight. The cheesecloth was washed beforehand in Rit whitener, which really made it glow blue. Next year, I'll try to get pictures of them lit up.


I had 2 cemetaries this year, one in the front yard and one in back. This is part of the front cemetary. The hand coming out of the grave was made with coathangers and masking tape. The tombstones are made from sheets of styrofoam, cut out, painted, and carved with a Dremel.


This mummy was probably more trouble than he was worth! I made him by putting old clothes on my son and wrapping him in several layers of masking tape. Then I carefully cut the tape and clothes off, taped it back together, and filled it with Great Stuff expanding foam. After that, the mummy was wrapped in strips of fabric and dyed with coffee to give him an aged look.




Here's another view of the mummy, along with the strobe ghosts. These guys have strobe lights in their heads, and if you time them right, it looks like they are moving towards you.


Here is the back cemetary. At party time, there was fog here.


Another new addition to the backyard decor was this grim reaper. He was near the cemetary, of course.

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