Welcome! After having this site for about 4 years now, I finally decided to get off my rear and make it something other than just a photo site. I gave it a face lift, too, because I was sick of the old boring color scheme. You like?

So the plan is that this will be a site devoted to all my favorite things: camping, knitting, beadwork, Halloween, food, and anything else that strikes my fancy. It'll largely consist of links and photos, although there may be something blog-like eventually. Other than that, I'm open to suggestions! So if you have great ideas for this site--and I know you do--please e-mail me.

Thanks, and stay tuned....good stuff is coming!

By the way.....

If you're a lesbian in or around Asheville, NC, don't miss the ShevilleAfterDark e-mail list. There's always something going on, and it's a great place to meet new friends!








Photos Lots of stuff here....friends, camping, travel, parties, and more. Check it out!

Food! Did you know that food can be good for you and delicious? At the same time? It's true! Take a look at some great fat-free recipes and menu ideas.

Knitting If you're like me and feel compelled to do something else while watching TV, knitting is a great hobby!

Beadwork I don't have nearly as much time to bead as I'd like, but I'll be addicted to those shiny little things for life.

Soapmaking Another hobby I don't get to do nearly enough, since my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp.

Halloween! My favorite holiday! We started yard haunt/Halloween party in 2000 and it's grown into one fun obssession.

Links What would a website be without the obligatory links page? Here's mine.

Sklif Sister can waste lots of time here. Fun site with attitude!

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